In 1972, Alyce Morris Winston began a quest to provide her special needs son Jeffrey with a better quality of life. Unable to find quality care for her son while working as a model for Max Factor, Alyce was forced to quit her job. Discovering that other parents of children with special needs children faced the same circumstances, Alyce began to organize outings and events for her growing circle of parents and special needs children. Not long afterward, Alyce opened the first daycare center in Los Angeles County, California, for the multi-handicapped, providing a wide range of services for disabled and at-risk children and their families. The Jeffrey Foundation was named for her son Jeffrey, a victim of muscular dystrophy. Since that time, the Foundation expanded its scope of our services, setting the standard for therapeutic child care, recreation, and special programs for children with special needs in an inclusive setting. There is no other organization in Los Angeles County that provides the full range of services and provides care to those who need it most – and yet who are least able to afford the quality care they require.

The Foundation serves children with physical or developmental disabilities, including muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, epilepsy, and mental retardation. The Foundation assists children from 6 weeks through 18 years old. All of the Foundation children, whether typical or atypical, are classified as “at-risk,” coming from areas of Los Angeles County that account for 64% of Los Angeles’ total poverty population. The Jeffrey Foundation’s goal is to help the children it serves to develop to the maximum extent of their capabilities.

Special Child USA was created to reach children with special needs and their families on a national and global basis providing online educational support, classes, and activities for special needs children as well as assistance and support for families.