Our Mission

Special Child U.S.A. is committed to serving all children with special needs, all over the United States, and their families through its therapeutic education and recreational programs, and through its Family Support services. The challenges of a special needs child can be insurmountable.

Special Child U.S.A. helps both the child and the family successfully meet the challenges posed by developmental disabilities, autism, multiple handicaps, poverty, abuse, abandonment, and neglect through high-quality programming and support services.

The mission of Special Child U.S.A. is to make life more productive and happier for these children and their families.

Our philosophy is that disabled persons, properly and sensitively nurtured, can improve learning skills no matter how limited they may be; can modify their behaviors and learn socialization skills; can develop self-reliance; can learn to enjoy recreation and education programs; and can achieve dignity and self-esteem despite physical and mental limitations.