Parent Assistance

A child with disabilities brings stress to parents and siblings. By helping the overburdened family learn effective coping skills, we can reduce that stress. The result is higher self-esteem – for the child with disabilities, the parent, and the siblings. All Special Child U.S.A. programs incorporate a high degree of parental involvement, oversight, and input, and require a partnership between staff and client. The Parent Training Program includes strategies that specifically encourage empowerment and reduced reliance on outside resources and monthly individual meetings with program staff. Participants will gain and use new coping skills, have higher levels of self-esteem and will show diminished levels of anxiety.

Special Child U.S.A. Parent Programs

Our parent programs will decrease the likelihood of depression and will help lower instances of child abuse and neglect. The Parent Advisory Board is involved in the design and evaluation of programs, which discusses and recommends classes, groups, and program changes. Family feedback, through an annual anonymous survey, a quarterly parent advisory meeting and monthly individual meetings with program staff.

The Online Parent Training Center will provide a mechanism for special needs and at-risk children, parents and family members to acquire the knowledge to break through cultural barriers and attitudes, as well as increase awareness of the needs of special children and their families within each cultural community.

Upon entry into the program, an interdisciplinary team including a teacher, social worker, doctor, regional center worker, and parent works with the family to develop a plan with identified goals. This plan is tracked and evaluated on a quarterly basis. We provide training classes, remotely online, in the home, and at our center. Classes focus on homemaking, grooming, diet and nutrition, feeding, specialized childcare, and the use of specialized equipment. We also provide referrals for other services, such as medical and therapeutic services.

A Special Needs or disabled child can only experience a productive, fulfilling life in a settled family environment. This program aims to reduce abandonment and institutional placement as well as divorce and marital problems and drug and alcohol abuse associated with raising a disabled child. Our training programs help all family members become more understanding and helpful.

The Parent/Child Training Center started in Los Angeles, California in 1999 to serve special needs infants, children, and their families.

If you are a parent of these special children, please join us and we will assure you of the full education about this program. Call us now at Phone: (323) 965-7536.